Enerpipe has become one of the leading service companies for pipeline integrity and rehabilitation. We have multiple clients in multiple states that depend on our safety record, expertise and experience in this field. We have trained personnel that can install B sleeves, or composite sleeves on pipe ranging in size from 2”-48”. We have a management team with over 100 years of experience in the pipeline industry that can help develop a budget and schedule, keeping safety first on the priority list to meet your most demanding anomaly program needs. Some of the most challenging anomaly digs require more than just a standard excavation, below is a list of services that we have provided to our clients for those types of “Digs” that we can provide.

  • Well Point
  • Aqua Barriers in wet areas, creeks or rivers
  • Engineered excavations in excess of 20'
  • Underwater welding (Caisson Digs)

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