Major pipeline companies have recognized the impact their pipelines have on the environment.  Some have adopted elaborate hydrostatic testing and rehabilitation programs to continually certify the integrity of their pipelines.  To meet that need, Enerpipe created a division that specializes in this area. 

  • Our management and field personnel possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the art of hydrostatic testing and have developed unique leak locating techniques.
  • Our equipment is state of the art.  Test vans are custom build to meet exact specifications and are designed to perform several tests simultaneously.  
Naturally, all of our test vans are climate controlled to provide for the comfort and convenience of our clients. Enerpipe has a wide variety of fill and pressure pumps that are packaged to meet the requirements of a particular job. For example, we have centrifugal fill pumps capable of producing over 1,200 PSI with volumes in excess of 1,000 gallons per minute.
We have designed and successfully completed rehabilitation projects involving thousands of miles of pipeline throughout the United States.  After each project, we always provide our customers with a detailed hydrostatic test report containing all necessary data and documents pertinent to certifying the test. 

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