In pipeline hydrostatic testing, rehabilitation and maintenance programs, it is often necessary to isolate valves and sections of pipe. A safe, reliable and economical way to accomplish this is with the use of our ICE-O-LATOR© System. We developed and patented this unique method of freezing a plug within a pipe. This process is offered exclusively by Enerpipe and our subsidiary companies.

For hydrostatic testing, the System is used to freeze a plug within a pipeline in lieu of installing test manifolds. Water can be moved from one test section to another, eliminating costly draining and refilling of a pipeline. The ICE-O-LATOR© System is the most efficient way to locate leaks in a pipeline. We can isolate the leaks quickly and reliably without cutting or welding the line. Once the leak is located, freeze plugs are used to isolate the defective section, and again, costly draining and refilling of the pipeline is eliminated. For pipeline maintenance, our customers frequently use the ICE-O-LATOR© System to isolate valves, damaged pipe, and road and river crossings. Enerpipe’s technology is unparalled in today’s industry and has proven to be effective under the most demanding situations.

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